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Understanding Your Labour Journey

Head of Midwifery Kerry Taylor and maternity colleagues discuss the three stages of labour including early labour, labour positions, epidurals and modes of delivery as well as highlighting some of the resources available through the NHS and ways in which mums-to-be can help themselves during their labour such as the use of aromatherapy. This talk includes Q&A.

Understanding Common Skin Conditions

Dr Ian Pearson, consultant dermatologist at UHD, talks about a range of conditions including eczema, dermatitis and acne as well as skin cancer.

Transforming our hospitals

Dr Harry Adlington, emergency medicine consultant and Dr Isabel Smith, consultant anaesthetist talk about the exciting changes happening across UHD hospitals and the benefits these will bring to the local area.

Understanding Patient Flow

Alex Lister, group director of operations at UHD, explains how patient flow in our hospitals can become a challenge and what can be done to help.

Understanding Neurodevelopmental Conditions in Children

Dr Tighe and Dr Royce talk through the School-Age neurodevelopmental pathway and talk through the most common referrals which are ASD (Autism Spectrum disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder) and DCD (Developmental Co-ordination Disorder).

Understanding how to take care of yourself while pregnant

The UHD maternity team give tips and advice on staying healthy during your pregnancy journey. Find out about a range of areas including staying active, eating healthy and immunisations.

Understanding fibromyalgia

Darren Cains, senior physiotherapist and rheumatology practitioner at UHD and Caroline Wood, occupational therapist at UHD, explain what fibromyalgia is and some of the symptoms that can be experienced as well as some of the self-help treatments.

Understanding Little Ears

Mr Steven Frampton, consultant ENT surgeon at UHD, talks about a range of conditions that affect childrens' ears, including glue ear and recurring ear infections.


Understanding menopause

Amanda Hillard, menopause nurse specialist at UHD, talks about what menopause is, what happens and some of the symptoms that women can experience. She also explained possible long term affects, for example osteoporosis, and treatments currently available and how they work.

Why does a sudden cardiac arrest happen?

Dr Chris Critoph, consultant cardiologist who specialises in heart failure, cardiac devices and inherited heart disease, talked about some of the causes of cardiac arrests, explaining what happens and early warning signs that people can look out for. He also covered treatment and the lifesaving devices like pacemakers and ICDs that can be used to help prevent future events.

Preparing for surgery

Professor Robert Middleton, one of the leading hip surgeons in the UK, gives advice and tips on how patients can help themselves to be as fit as possible prior to their operation or procedure and explain why it's so important to take care of ourselves post lockdown.

Open Day 2021

Childbirth - a variety of stories

Jillian Ireland, professional midwifery advocate at UHD, discusses the pathways the process of pregnancy and childbirth can take.

Radiotherapy: how does it work?

Our head of radiotherapy physics discusses how radiotherapy works, how radiation treats cancer, what happens when you come in for radiotherapy, and what equipment is used at UHD.

Breathe Easy: Understanding asthma and allergies (and the upcoming winter) in children

In this talk, Dr Mark Tighe, Consultant Paediatrician, highlights different respiratory illnesses in children including asthma and viral induced wheeze, and how parents can help them. He also gives guidance on warning signs to look out for and answers common questions.


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