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Workshops - have a go

Have a go at British Sign Language

Have a go at learning some key phrases in British Sign Language (BSL) in our sign language workshop. UHD nurse, Annabel Young, along with her little helper, will show you how to sign some key phrases. You can download the BSL fingerspelling sheet which explains how to sign letters below and click here to find out about courses. Don't forget to post a video or photo of you having a go at signing on social media and tag #UHDHERO.


Hero lesson – be a lifesaver

Watch this video to learn how to put someone in the recovery position. Watch it as many times as you need to so you are confident in using your new skill in case someone needs you. You never know when this lifesaving skill could be needed.

Get active with the physios

Everyone knows how important it is to stay active so take part in one of these short exercise classes with our UHD physios. Please only take part if you feel able.

Jason, one of our children's physio assistants, takes you through a 10 minute HIIT workout from our Children's Development Centre at Poole Hospital. This session is suitable for children (and adults!) over the age of six. Follow @childrensphysiopgh on Instagram, @childrensphysiopoole on Facebook and @childphysiopgh on Twitter for more from #TeamUHD.


Test your strength and balance by taking part in this exercise video.


If you have limited mobility, or are very new to exercise, then this exercise video is for you. These exercises can be done standing or in the seated position.

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