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Critical incident declared at University Hospitals Dorset

University Hospitals Dorset has declared a critical incident due to the very limited number of beds available and the high number of staff who are off work either isolating or symptomatic with Covid-19. This critical incident is an indication of the serious pressure we are facing and demonstrates how we are taking immediate steps to ensure we can still provide our critical services. We are working extremely hard to ensure our patients are kept safe. 

This incident also reflects the concerted pressure on our urgent care pathways and the fact that any beds that do become available may not be in the most appropriate setting for our patients. The additional infection prevention and control requirements that apply whenever a patient is admitted with covid means that any increase in the numbers makes a very significant difference to the pressures experienced by our staff.

We have already made the very difficult decision to cancel some elective operations and continue to monitor the situation very closely.

The most important thing the public can do to protect themselves and support local services is to get their first, second or booster Covid-19 vaccines doses. For a full list of Covid-19 vaccine sites, visit Vaccination sites in Dorset – NHS Dorset CCG.

The public can also help in the following ways:

  • Only ever call 999 in the event of a serious or life-threatening emergency.
  • Call or click 111 if you need urgent medical help and aren't sure what to do. Our expanded 111 team will get you to the most appropriate place. Please be aware that if you attend our hospitals with a minor condition, you may be redirected to a more appropriate service. 
  • Please be ready to collect your family or loved ones from hospital as soon as they are medically well-enough to leave.
  • Pharmacists can help with a range of minor health issues including colds, skin problems and earaches - so please use your local pharmacy if you’re able to.
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