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Council of Governors

Elected and appointed Governors make up our Council of Governors. Together the Governors bring a wealth of expertise, experience, ideas and views which are essential in ensuring the continuing effective development of our Trust.

The Council does not run our Trust and is not responsible for the day-to-day management of the organisation. This is the responsibility of the Board; however, the Council performs an essential role in the governance and development of the Trust by holding the Non-Executive Directors to account, both individually and collectively, for the performance of the Board in managing the Trust. It is also Governors' responsibility to represent the interests of members and the public particularly in relation to the strategic direction of the Trust.

Full Council of Governors' Meetings will normally be held in April, July, October and January of each year. The Company Secretary will publish the dates, time and locations of meetings for the year six months in advance. For further information please view the rules for procedure at Council of Governor meetings.

Dates for the Full Council of Governors' Meetings in 2021 are as follows:

  • Thursday 28 January at 16.30 hours, papers available here
  • Thursday 29 April at 16.30 hours, papers available here
  • Thursday 29 July at 16.30 hours, papers available here
  • Thursday 28 October at 16.30 hours, papers available here

Governor election results 2020

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