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Royal Bournemouth Hospital maps

Christchurch Hospital map

Poole Hospital map

Poole Hospital is a large site and is split up into six coloured zones. These zones were introduced in Spring 2019 after the construction of the new main entrance altered wayfinding.

There are coloured boards with the location of every department and ward on at both the main entrance and the north entrance. These will help you locate the department that you need while finger boards are also placed around the hospital to help you reach the appropriate zone while you're on your way.

Image displaying the diffrent zones at poole hospital

The hospital's lift wells are zoned and not the entire floor. This is because departments are accessed via specific lifts.

Each level of the hospital is the same regardless of what zone you are in. The graphic below explains this further:

Image displaying the floor levels at poole hospital

Additional maps will be added here at a later date.

Before you visit the hospital, you may also find it helpful to look at our A-Z of services or A-Z of wards, which include locations and maps where available.

The hospital's main entrance, Costa, Marks & Spencer and Stock Shop is located off Longfleet Road, and is open 9am- 7pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to12.30pm and 3-7pm at the weekends.

Our Reception team will be happy to direct you to the department you are looking for and assist you with any other enquiries when you arrive.

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