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Anaesthetics Department

Our anaesthetics departments at both the Royal Bournemouth and Poole hospitals work closely with other areas to support your patient journey.

The Anaesthetic Department at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital is one of the few departments nationally to be accredited by the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) in recognition of its commitment to providing high quality patient services.

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Critical Care

The Anaesthetics Department is responsible for Critical Care, which includes the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

The units provide care for critically ill patients who need intensive monitoring and treatment including life-support. Patients are under the care of our five specialist consultant anaesthetists.

Critical Care also provides an outreach service. This supports the hospital wards caring for patients who have been discharged from Critical Care to other areas within the hospital, as well as providing advice and assessment for patients who may need critical care.

Critical Care patient leaflets are available here.

State-of-the-art theatres

The anaesthetics departments at both the Royal Bournemouth and Poole hospitals manage the operating theatres.

Our theatres provide surgeons with state of the art equipment and highly skilled staff, enabling them to perform the latest procedures.

After you have had an operation or procedure under local or general anaesthetic, you will receive one to one care in the recovery area until you are well enough to return to your ward.

Acute Pain Service

A team of specialist nurses work with anaesthetists, surgeons and ward staff to provide expert advice and training in the treatment of pain and symptoms following surgery.

Bournemouth Consultants

Dr Nigel Beauchamp
Critical Care
Dr Robert McCormick
Critical Care
Dr Peter Berridge
Ophthalmic Anaesthesia lead
Dr Ian Mowat
Deputy Clinical Director, Governance Lead
Dr Sarah Berridge Dr Julia O'Kane
Dr James Berrington
CLW Rota Lead
Dr Elaine O'Shea
Acute Pain
Dr Nigel Chee
Critical Care
Dr Warwick Pepper
RBCH Audit Lead
Dr Martin Clark
Acute Pain
Dr Martin Schuster-Bruce
Critical Care
Dr James Craig
Orthopaedic Lead
Dr Michelle Scott
Critical Care Lead, Transplant Lead
Dr Huw Wilkins Dr Dominic Smith
AA Programme Lead
Dr Jules Cranshaw Dr Isabel Smith
Medical Director Strategy and Transformation, Paediatric Lead
Dr Caroline Fortescue
Obstetric Anaesthesia Lead (PGH)
Dr Ben Thorpe
Equipment Lead
Dr Tom Green Dr Guy Titley
Dr Richard Green - Clinical Director
Pre-assessment Lead
Dr Doug Tunney
Recovery Lead
Dr Fran Haigh Dr Sarah Turle
Critical Care
Dr Mike Hargreaves Dr James Walker
Patient Information Lead
Dr Tom Hutley
College Tutor
Dr John Ward
AAGBI Association Board Honorary Treasurer, Vascular Lead, CGM Lead
Dr Peter Isherwood
Critical Care
Dr Nigel White
Critical Care
Dr Deepa Kallayiram
Department ACSA Lead, Regional Patient Safety Lead, Trust Sedation Lead
Dr Jess Wiggins
Dr Emma King
Critical Care
Dr Lynsey Woodward
Dr Shane McCabe
Day Surgery Lead
Dr Avinash Aswath
Dr Elise Columbo Dr Richard Harrison

Bournemouth Associate Specialsts/Specialty Doctors/Fellows

Dr Thomas Allman Dr Wren Holdom
Critical Care
Dr Anwar al-Rahman Dr Roger Laishley
pain management
Dr Jessica Bailey Dr Robyn Lee
Critical Care
Dr Lukas Balcarek Dr Oliver O'Keefe
Dr Sawena Malik Dr Felicity Miller
Dr Daniel Worthington Dr Muhammad Qasim
Dr Hussain El-Abiary Dr Carl Tong
Dr Will Holdich
Critical Care
Dr Antony Weston

Poole Hospital Consultant Staff

Several Poole based consultants perform regular sessions at Bournemouth

Dr A McCormick Dr H Wise

Management and administration

Louise McGraw
Directorate Manager
Charlotte Freeman-Laurence
Service Manager
Pete Holloway
Care Group Administrator
Gemma Babur
Rota Administrator
Vicky King
Rota Administrator
Krisztina Toop
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