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Rapid Access Consultation and Evaluation Unit (RACE) (A3)

  • Poole Hospital
  • level 3 in the ORANGE ZONE: View map

This is an elderly medical assessment unit for patients predominantly 85 years and over as well as patients between the ages of 74-85 years with a frailty score of over 6 (this will be determined on admission). The unit is open seven days a week. RACE was established in 2010 and aims for a short patient stay of 24-48 hours.

There are 22 beds of which the majority of beds are side rooms with en-suite bathrooms and there are 2 bays of 4 beds. We have the ability to coater for patients on telemetry/cardiac monitoring (remotely) with the assistance from the Acute Cardiac Unit (ACU).

Contact us

Ward Clerks/ reception: 03000 192921

Discharge Facilitator:03000 192472 / 03000 192922 phone manned 0800- 1600 monday to friday  

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