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Infection prevention and control

We take infection control very seriously and work extremely hard to prevent and control infection.

The aim of the Infection Prevention and Control service is to promote a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors. We are here to make sure the risk of contamination and cross-infection are kept to a minimum across all our sites.

Our team works hard to ensure that patients receive the very highest standard of healthcare.

Although the risk of getting an infection in hospital is low, careful attention to prevention and control is a crucial part of keeping you safe.

In addition to our dedicated infection prevention and control team, there are also infection prevention and control link staff in all departments.

We are committed to preventing and minimising the spread of infection. This includes:

  • Constantly improving practice to reduce the incidence of infections acquired in hospital.
  • Providing advice on the management of individual patients, or suspected outbreaks of infection
  • Robust surveillance on targeted infections, reporting all results back to the frontline staff
  • Education and training of all staff via the Trust's induction and mandatory training programme, and locally at ward and department level
  • Producing infection prevention and control policies, in line with Government guidelines, which are readily available to all staff via the Trust's intranet - the policies are also available for the public to view online
  • Audit of policies and guidelines to ensure that best practice is followed
  • Supporting and reassuring patients and their families using our services
  • Leaflets and information to read.

Our team consists of senior nurses, nurse specialists and allied health professionals. We work closely with all departments to help support and drive forwards infection prevention and control standards.

We are based on both sites of the Trust.

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