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Since the merger of Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in October 2020, at any one time there are approximately 400 studies taking place at the trust.


The impact of Covid had significant changes to everyone involved in research, both in the way staff worked and how the participants were recruited and seen in follow-up. As the world shut down the scientists and doctors turned to research to try to identify ways we could emerge safely from Covid. The race was on to identify potential vaccines to protect the population, and also to identify potential treatments for the surge in very sick patients admitted into our hospitals.

UHD’s research team had to rapidly adapt to work in this new environment and were privileged to be involved in a number of pivotal clinical trials. One of the most significant trials for Covid in the UK and the world, was the RECOVERY trial, the results of which demonstrated the most effective treatment options available for doctors treating patients with Covid. The research teams working on RECOVERY left their normal clinical speciality and came together, adapting quickly to utilise their skills and experience in the new world of Covid research. The team up-skilled to meet the demands of the trial, and to be able to administer study treatments such as convalescent plasma and monoclonal antibodies to patients on the wards. One of the most positive outcomes of working on RECOVERY was the teamwork between the research teams and the ward staff, resulting in research being seen as a normal part of the care we can offer our patients.

In October 2020, nine months after Covid had emerged, the Dorset Research Hub (now Dorset Clinical Research Centre), was set up as a vaccine research hub to offer residents in Dorset the opportunity to take part in Covid vaccine research trials. This was a great example of collaboration, working closely with Southampton University Hospital and The Adam Practice to offer our local population access to research. The first Covid vaccine study, NOVAVAX, recruited over 640 participants in 7 weeks. Since then the uub has been involved in a further seven vaccine studies, including booster studies, with over 1,100 participants taking part.

The team were immensely proud to be involved in delivery these studies and have been recognised in Local Research Awards for their contribution to Covid research.

Research transparency

A vision of the Health Research Authority (HRA) is that trusted information from health and social care research studies is publicly available for the benefit of all.

Research transparency is central to ethical research practice. Research studies should be registered, and the results made public, so that participants are protected from unnecessary studies and research funding maximised. When research is carried out openly and transparently, everyone will be able to see what research is happening and the outcomes from finished studies.

The promotion of research transparency is a priority for R andD at UHD. Below you can find a summary of each study that UHD has sponsored, along with a copy of the protocol and links to any publications or results.

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