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Chaplaincy services

Our chaplaincy service covers all hospital sites.


What is the chaplaincy service?

People who are ill, and their families, can find themselves in a uniquely challenging time and in need of spiritual or pastoral support.

Chaplains will help you deal with the difficult experiences of life, death, illness and injury, in terms of personal spirituality, compassion and meaning. Chaplains and volunteers support people of all faiths and none and are happy to meet with staff, patients, families, or friends. Chaplains are the ritual leaders of the Trust and have a prominent role whenever we join together for events such as Memorial Services or Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

Our Lead Chaplain, James Taylor, introduces the work of the chaplaincy team in the article ‘Spotlight on Chaplaincy’ for The Brief.

How do I contact you?

We can be contacted directly on the telephone extensions below:

  • Royal Bournemouth Hospital: 0300 019 4221
  • Christchurch Hospital: 0300 019 5111
  • Poole Hospital: 0300 019 2167

The Christchurch Hospital chaplaincy does not have a chaplain on-site every day - if there is no answer on the telephone and the request is urgent, please contact the Royal Bournemouth chaplaincy office on the telephone number given above.

There is an emergency on-call chaplain at all times who staff can request via switchboard.

What does the chaplaincy service offer?

We offer:

  • to listen to your concerns - without judgement and with empathy
  • spiritual resources - for example, copies of sacred scripture, prayer beads, holding crosses
  • regular religious services held at our chapels
  • ritual support for patients at the bedside - for example, Holy Communion, anointing, special prayers
  • to help you make contact with leaders from your own faith community

What about chapels and prayer spaces?

These are open and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for prayer and quiet reflection. They are well signposted - follow signs for ‘chapel’ or ‘prayer space’. All of the prayer spaces have Muslim prayer mats and at the Poole Hospital Royal Bournemouth Hospital there are facilities for ritual ablutions.

LocationWhere is the chapel/prayer space?
Royal Bournemouth Hospital First floor of the East Wing
Christchurch Hospital Main corridor of the ground floor near the Macmillan Unit
Poole Hospital Blue Zone Level 1

Can I attend a religious service?

Patients, their families, and staff, are welcome to attend our religious services each week. Ask a member of ward staff for support in this.

LocationReligious ServiceWhen
Royal Bournemouth Hospital Chapel  Christian worship Thursday 1pm
Sunday 2:30pm
  Roman Catholic Mass 1st Wednesday Monthly at 6pm
  Muslim Friday Prayers Lunchtime after the sun’s zenith: check time at the prayer space.
Poole Hospital Chapel Christian worship Tuesday 1pm
  Muslim Friday Prayers Lunchtime after the sun’s zenith: check time at the prayer space.

Contact the chaplaincy service at your location for times of other religious prayers, meditations and special services.

What are your working hours?

Chaplains are available 8am-4pm on the Poole and Royal Bournemouth hospital sites Monday-Friday. At weekends and on Bank Holidays a chaplain works across the Trust sites 8am-4pm to meet urgent need. There is an emergency on-call chaplain at all times.

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