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Child Development Centre

Our service offers a multi-professional approach to the assessment and treatment of pre-school children with a variety of developmental needs within Poole, Bournemouth and parts of Dorset. We aim to offer a family focused service that provides a safe and child friendly environment. We work with parents to plan and deliver care, which will enable their children to fulfil their potential.

We also host school aged clinics for children with possible neurodevelopmental conditions.

Further information about referring children to the Child Development Centre (CDC) can be found here.

Child Development Centre - Our Philosophy

The team at the Child Development Centre will:-

  • Provide a safe, child friendly environment in which they will undertake expert team assessments and therapy for children whose needs cannot be met in the community.
  • Work with parents to plan and deliver therapeutic intervention which will enable their children to fulfil their potential.
  • Acknowledge families' individual circumstances, share and provide relevent information and allow informed choice.
  • Ensure that children are treated with tact and understanding and that their dignity and privacy is respected at all times, with every possible steps taken to minimise emotional and physical distress.
  • Work in partnership with other agencies so that children have equal access to opportunities and experiences in their community.

Who's Who?

Children's Psychology Services

Psychologists in the Child Development Centre are involved in assessing children for autism spectrum condition (ASC). They will be interested in a child's developmental history; this might involve a discussion with a child's parent about what their child was like when they were growing up. They will ask questions about their communication, social interaction, behaviour and any sensory challenges. We liaise with other professionals in the team.

Consultant Community/ Neurodevelopmental Paediatricians

  • Dr Sarah Morris
  • Dr Janet Kelsall
  • Dr Naeem Mughal
  • Dr Del Howard
  • Dr Nicole Guppy

Staff and Associate Specialist Paediatricians

  • Dr Ros Plumpton
  • Dr Rachel Lachlan
  • Dr Catherine Carus
  • Dr Laura Ahmed
  • Dr Jo Frost

Speech and Language Therapists

Ext: 2020

  • Michelle Bohill
  • Bryony Toombs
  • Susan King- Assistant
  • Aly Stimson- Assistant

Children's Therapy Services (Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists)

Ext: 2936

  • Karina Parish, Occupational Therapist & Team Lead
  • Occupational Therapists (OT)
  • Jamie Cardell
  • Jan Cavolina
  • Lyndsay Court
  • Susan Griffiths, ASD Lead
  • Alannah Pasokhy-Holmes
  • Becca Shelton
  • Angela Storey

Physiotherapists (PT)

  • Tanya Forster, Neonatal Lead
  • Lucy James
  • Hannah Miles
  • Kat Richards
  • Pam Mintern
  • Natalie O'Connor
  • Elsa Smith
  • Sarah Lund

Therapy Assistants

  • Lynette Evans
  • Marika Rolt

Health Play Specialist

Ext: 8383

  • Caroline Fawcett
  • Tracey Fordham
  • Jemimah Judge

Music therapist

  • Matthew Sturgeon

Safeguarding children

Ext: 8312

  • Lynne Lourence
  • Dr Nicole Guppy
  • Elizabeth Moss (administrator)

Reception and support staff

CDC Reception 0300 019 2011

Linda Soper (queries for pre-school paediatricians - Dr Morris, Dr Howard & Dr McEwan 0300 019 3034)

Elizabeth Moss (queries for school-aged paediatrician - Dr Morris and Safeguarding - 0300 019 2382 )

Sally Booker (queries for school-aged paediatrician - Dr Kelsall, Dr Guppy 0300 019 8305)

Louise Robbins (queries for school age paediatrican - Dr Mughal 0300 019 8037)

Children's Therapy Admin support and appointments 0300 019 2121

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