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Local children's activities

Making sure your child gets enough exercise each and every day can be difficult when trying to come up with new and exciting ideas. So our physiotherapy team have devised a leaflet and a list of website ideas to help you:

  1. Keep your children's activity levels in line with national guidelines.
  2. Ensuring the exercise is fun so your child doesn't get bored.
  3. Improving your child's general health and well being.

Children's physical activity leaflet

Why we should sit less!

List of sports and activities websites that may interest your child:


  • Poole dolphin centre
  • Littledown leisure centre
  • The Junction Broadstone
  • Rossmore leisure centre

Dance Classes

Indoor climbing

Family yoga

Martial Arts



Skateboarding/ Roller-skating





Field hockey


These are just a few ideas but if none of the activities above interest your child try search engines such as :

Active Dorset

Change for life activity search engine

If your child suffers from a disability they can still be active and there are plenty of activities for them to take part in. The link below provides helpful suggestions for different activities and team sports that suit your child's preference:


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