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Community midwives

Poole Hospital community midwives provide antenatal care from around 10 weeks onwards. Care can be provided in your GP surgery, local children’s centre or your own home.

Following self referral, you will be contacted by a community midwife in the 10th week of your pregnancy.  The midwife will then arrange an appointment with you to take all your details to book your care.  This will normally be your named midwife and she will plan your care together with you. Whilst your named midwife will be your main caregiver you will receive some of your care from other midwives in the team.

Antenatal classes are provided in various locations across the district. Details of time and venues are available from maternity reception on 0300 019 2319.  Please see the antenatal care page for details.

Home births

If you wish to have your baby at home we are happy to support you in your choice providing all is well with your pregnancy. Please talk to your community midwife about this, or contact the Community Midwives Office on 0300 019 2692.

Postnatal care

Postnatal care is  provided in your own home or in a postnatal clinic by your  team of midwives. If you wish to have a timed visit this can be provided in the postnatal clinic. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the time of home visits. You will receive around 2-3 postnatal contacts in the first 10 days following your baby's birth, but the community midwives are available for advice every day, and will provide you with contact details.

Maternity support workers assist midwives with community care and are able to offer extra breast feeding support and postnatal education around baby care.

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