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Group and save

The Group and Save is used to identify a person’s blood group and antibody profile. The test is essential for patients who may require a blood transfusion.


This is the test used to match donor blood against the patient’s specimen to prevent adverse reactions when a blood transfusion is thought necessary.

Group and screen

The Group and Screen is undertaken for antenatal patients at various stages of their pregnancy. It is used to establish maternal blood group and hence the frequency of further tests during the pregnancy.

Antibody titre or antibody quantitation

Should a clinically significant maternal antibody be detected during the pregnancy group and screen, further specimens will be required for referral to the National Blood Authority, who will assist in the monitoring of antibody levels throughout the pregnancy.

Maternal or paternal phenotype

This test is performed as an indicator of the likelihood of Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn where clinically significant maternal antibodies have been detected.

Direct antiglobulin test

This test may be requested where a haemolytic process is suspected of causing symptoms of certain types of anaemia.

Cold Agglutinin Investigation

This test will be undertaken where the patient has experienced symptoms of cold agglutinin disease. Specimens will be taken and maintained at normal body temperature by placing them in a warm water-bath.

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