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The Immunology Department at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital supports all the University Hospitals Dorset hospitals and the surrounding GP network. The department offers a comprehensive clinical and diagnostic scientific service for the investigation of patients with allergy, autoimmune disorders, vasculitis and immunodeficiency.

The service is based upon the principles of good laboratory practice. All investigations are governed by standard operating procedures and are performed in the strictest confidence by qualified personnel. The department subscribes to the UK National Quality Assurance Scheme (NEQAS), and performs continual internal quality assessments.

The following are examples of tests performed by the Immunology laboratory at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.


Our laboratory can test for a broad range of auto-antibodies that are useful in diagnosis for a wide range of diseases eg Coeliac Disease.


This laboratory can test for over 100 different allergies. A blood test usually follows skin prick testing for which your GP will refer you to a specialist.

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