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Orthopaedic therapy team

The orthopaedic therapy team consists of a highly skilled and dynamic group of physiotherapists, occupational therapists together with therapy technicians and assistant

What do we do?

  • Provide appropriate and timely assessment and treatment of orthopaedic inpatients to identify their clinical and rehabilitation needs
  • Maximise patients’ mobility and function whilst on the wards
  • Ensure patients are provided with the appropriate equipment that is essential to discharge to enable them to function safely at home
  • Fit patients with orthotic devises in order to aid function and expedite discharge
  • Ensure patients are referred onto the appropriate community service and demonstrate rehab potential.
  • Expedite timely and safe discharge of patients from hospital
  • Reduce unnecessary admission of patients with acute back pain
  • Provide multidisciplinary and team training and clinical support to ensure patients receive a high quality, evidence-based service
  • Run highly successful and nationally recognised educational courses
  • Involved in research and service development

What wards do we cover?

We provide a collaborative service to the main orthopaedic wards (TAU red, TAU Green and B3) as well as seeing most patients who are under an orthopaedic consultant on the outlying wards (excluding the Phillip Arnold Unit). We also provide an admission prevention service to ED for patients with acute back pain.

Hours of service

Mon – Friday       8.30am – 7pm (last referral 6.30pm)

Weekends          8.30am – 4.30pm (last referral 4pm)

Telephone number

0300 019 8179

Bleep Numbers

Senior physiotherapist: 0373

Senior occupational therapist:0559

B3  0874

TAU Green   0873

TAU Red  0605

Outliers  0157

Orthotherapy is within the therapy services department, E block, approached by the Longfleet Road entrance 8 on the lower ground floor.


Orthopaedic therapy leaflets

Orthopaedic therapy staff have researched the evidence for exercise programmes and patient information leaflets to benefit our patients.

It is worth consulting your GP or physiotherapist to find out which of the leaflets is appropriate for you. It is possible that with some conditions, certain exercises can make you feel worse.

Click on the body part below to find your leaflet or exercise programme. Please read this before participating in exercises without prior health professional advice.

Please click here for our patient information leaflets:

Orthotherapy courses

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