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New breast screening equipment to offer more detailed & accurate diagnosis

Women across Dorset will benefit from the new state-of-the-art digital mammography unit recently installed at the Dorset Breast Screening Unit in Poole Hospital.

The new digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) with biopsy facility unit is an innovative development in mammography technology, with only ten currently accessible across the UK. The unit produces 3D images which improve accuracy in the diagnosis of breast cancer by allowing cancer specialists to pinpoint the location of a tumour with greater accuracy.

Studies show that DBT plus the traditional 2D mammography could detect cancers earlier. It can be used to aid accurate biopsy and is better equipped for scanning breasts containing high quantities of glandular breast tissue.

The Dorset Breast Screening Unit (DSBU) at Poole Hospital performs screening mammograms on up to 40,000 women per year. Of these, approximately 6% are recalled for second stage screening and assessment. The unit is currently using this new technology to aid assessment of mammographic abnormalities during second stage screening and has plans to take part in national studies to further evaluate the benefits for the women it serves.

Stella Campbell, consultant radiographer said: “This is a fantastic addition to DBSU that will give women a more accurate and detailed diagnosis.

"It is great to be one of the few places in the UK to be able to offer scanning with this particular type of machine. Earlier diagnosis can mean more successful treatment and a greater chance of survival. The use of 3D technology is an innovative approach to breast screening and supports us in our aims of offering the very best experience possible under difficult circumstances."

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