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Coronavirus guidance

Visitor restrictions during the pandemic

Update on mask wearing

Masks are now no longer required in ‘public’ areas in our hospitals, including entrances, waiting areas, corridors and restaurants. Staff, outpatients and visitors who choose to continue to wear masks (or due to a risk assessment) should still do so, and we will keep providing masks at our entrances for this purpose.

If you have an outpatient appointment or are visiting a ward, please take a mask from here to put on in these areas if you do not already have one.

Mask wearing currently remains in place in all inpatient (ward) areas, as well as in clinic rooms and in our urgent and emergency care settings, eg our emergency departments, urgent treatment centres and same day emergency care (SDEC) facilities.

Masks will continue to be required for patients with suspected Covid-19, where they are tolerated and clinically safe to wear.

We ask everyone to continue to follow good hand hygiene practices, including the regular use of hand gel, and to stay away from our hospitals if any symptoms of Covid-19 are present.

Thank you for your continued support. 

September 2022

Covid-19 restrictions for visitors

Click here for our maternity visitor restrictions

There are currently no trust-wide restrictions on visiting, but please do check with the ward you intend to visit for any local infection prevention and control issues that may impact on visiting arrangements.

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