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Coronavirus guidance

Visitor restrictions during the pandemic

Face masks continue to be required in our hospitals

Masks are still required in our hospitals, and throughout the NHS, following the Government’s announcement of the lifting of legal restrictions on 21 February 2022. Covid-19 has not gone away, and continuing to wear masks and take other sensible precautions as part of your visit will continue to help keep our vulnerable patients safe.

Face masks, and hand sanitising products, are available at all main entrances to our hospitals. Social distancing and visiting restrictions also remain in place. These measures are in line with other NHS hospitals across the country.

Covid-19 restrictions for visitors

As you may know, visiting arrangements in hospitals across England have been restricted during the pandemic to reduce the risk Covid-19 poses to vulnerable patients, and staff keeping health services running for those who need NHS care. At University Hospitals Dorset, in line with the latest national advice, our visiting guidance for the public has now been updated to include the following:

·A maximum of two visitors are now allowed at any one time, and may stay longer than one hour. Patients may have more than one such visit per day, which can be by different visitors. Visits should continue to be pre-arranged with the ward

·Anyone showing any signs of Covid-19, or who are unwell, should not visit

·Visitor PPE requirements remain unchanged

·Compassionate visiting and ward/clinical team discretion must be balanced with the related IPC risks, and must focus on the patient’s/visitor’s wellbeing

·Patients in our emergency departments may be accompanied by one other person at the discretion of the department (including one parent if the patient is a child)

This guidance will continue to be kept under regular review.

General guidance on visiting can be found in this leaflet.

We continue to ask our staff and visitors to wear face coverings to help protect themselves, our patients and our colleagues. Social distancing and visitor restrictions will also remain in place for the time being. We would appreciate visitors participate in the government's rapid lateral flow testing programme. Tests can be ordered at www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

The latest information on any ongoing restrictions within our hospitals can be found on this website, and through our social media channels.

Outside our hospitals, we would also urge people to continue to wear face coverings in any crowded setting in the community as we believe this has made a huge difference in infection rates.

Covid has not gone away. For anybody who is interested in getting vaccinated to offer great protection for themselves and others, please visit the national booking system website here.

Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support of our NHS.

Notes around visiting:

  • Our maternity restrictions differ from normal visiting restrictions. Full information can be viewed here.
  • We would appreciate visitors participating in the government's rapid lateral flow testing programme. Tests can be ordered at: www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

Please note: The restrictions around attending outpatient appointments haven't changed. Patients should continue to attend appointments alone if possible and follow the guidance here.

In our emergency departments, one person may accompany patients for emotional support if needed.

We also have other ways to help you keep in touch with your loved ones while they're in hospital. Find out more here.

These are our current visiting restrictions:


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