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Coming to a Diabetes Clinic appointment


When you are given an appointment at the diabetes centre we will often ask you to get a blood test just before attending.

When you attend a standard diabetes appointment you will be expected to bring an up to date medications list, your blood glucose meter and a urine sample. It is also helpful for us if you bring your blood glucose record book.

When you arrive at the Bournemouth diabetes centre please go to the reception area to let us know you’ve arrived.

You may be asked to take a seat in the waiting area.

Often before seeing a doctor one of our team will see you first to weigh you, take your blood pressure, check on any recent blood test results and check your urine. We will also download your meter and pump as well.

One of the team will then see you to discuss your diabetes with you. In these appointments we can talk through problems you may be having with your diabetes and we can also initiate treatments and monitoring if needed.

After your appointment you may be asked to check in with the receptionist to make further appointments.

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