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Staff Benefits - NHS Pension

NHS Pension

Once you start work with the NHS you become eligible to join the NHS Pension Scheme, which is one of the largest pension schemes in Europe.

The NHS Pension Scheme

The NHS Pension scheme is a defined benefit scheme which means you get a guaranteed level of benefits payable at retirement, which are based on your pensionable earnings throughout your career.

Pension scheme guide

Tax relief

Membership of the NHS Pension Scheme allows you to receive tax relief on all your pension contributions, including any additional pension contributions if you choose to top-up your pension benefits.

Life insurance

On joining the NHS Pension Scheme you'll also be automatically covered by life insurance, which offers a tax free lump sum worth twice your annual pensionable pay and is payable to anyone you nominate.

As a member of the NHS Pension Scheme you'll be entitled to an excellent package of pension benefits, including:

  • a pension with the option of a tax free lump sum when you retire
  • survivors pensions payable for life to a spouse, partner or civil partner
  • dependents pensions payable for any child up to the age of 23
  • ill health retirement options if you become too ill to work
  • early retirement options
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