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Cancer research and clinical trials

Poole Hospital is part of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Wessex Clinical Research Network


The hospital’s Dorset Cancer Centre is committed to providing our patients with the most effective care and treatment. As part of this commitment, we are involved in a number of clinical trials and research studies.

Research into new ways of treating and managing cancer is very important. We rely on people’s willingness to take part to help us make progress in the fight against cancer. There is evidence to suggest that being part of a research study or clinical trial may be beneficial to the individual. Participation will of course help those who develop cancer in the future. https://www.nihr.ac.uk/patients-and-public/why-join-in/.  Some studies involve collection of specimens which are carefully stored to use in future scientific research. We are also involved in research aimed at assessing how patients are affected by their cancer treatment.

Cancer clinical trials at Poole Hospital involve testing new surgical techniques, radiotherapy methods or drug treatments. All studies must be approved by independent ethics committees to ensure that they are scientifically valid and have social and clinical value. If patients are eligible to be included in a clinical trial then this will be discussed with them. Whether patients join a trial is entirely up to them. They are free to choose and we will respect the decision they make. If patients are invited to join a trial but choose not to, or wish to withdraw from it, they will be given the best treatment available in accordance with their wishes.

Patients wishing to discuss any aspect of cancer research and clinical trial activity in the Dorset Cancer Centre should speak to their doctor or ask any member of the health care team to contact the research team.  They may also contact us directly on 01202 665511 ext 8500.

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