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Children's Diabetes Services

About the service

We provide education and support for young people, aged 0-16 and their families/carers. Our team is made up of Consultants, Nurses, Dietitians, Psychologists and admin staff and our aim is to empower young people to manage thier diabetes effectively and safely whilst enjoying their life. We are part of the Wessex Paediatric Diabetes Network and have links with DCODE - Diabetic Children of Dorset East who are a parent support and information group.

Referral process

  • Internal hospital referral - Consultant to Consultant.
  • Acute referral from Emergency Department or Children's Assessment Unit.
  • Primary care providers - at diagnoses please make immediate telephone referral to Children's Assessment Unit.

Aims of the service

  • To provide specialist information, treatment and support to families and young people living with diabetes in the local area.
  • To prevent hospital admissions or enable earlier hospital discharge through telephone and face to face advice and management.
  • To facilitate transition to Young Peoples Diabetes services (YPEDS) when appropriate, in preparation for adulthood.

Services provided

  • Consultant clinics.
  • Nurse led clinics, consultations and home visits.
  • Dietitian consultation, advice and yearly diet reviews.
  • Training on meters/flash glucose and Continuous Glucose Meters.
  • Insulin Pump starts as per NICE guidelines.
  • Provide training and advice in the community for schools, nurseries and other service providers.
  • Psychological consultation, assessment and intervention to help young people and families manage diabetes.

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