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Safe ward staffing

Our staff are committed to providing high quality, safe and compassionate care for all our patients. To deliver this, we need appropriate levels of staff, with the right skills deployed in the right place at the right time.

Each day our matrons and senior nurses undertake regular assessments of how many staff are needed on the day and night shift, to make sure the wards are staffed safely. The number of staff needed can be affected by how many patients we are caring for and how unwell these patients are. For example, patients with complex health needs will need more intensive nursing care.

All hospitals are now required to publish information about the number of nursing and midwifery staff working on each shift on each ward. These figures are displayed at the entrance to each ward so that our patients and visitors can see the planned and actual staffing levels.

If you want to talk to anyone about staffing or you have any questions, the ward sister or matron will be happy to help.

Twice a year, we review the number of registered and unregistered nurses on all of our wards and make recommendations to our Trust Board if a change in the staffing levels is required.

Further information about the work we do to make sure our wards have safe nurse staffing levels can be found in the reports presented every month to our risk and quality committee, which in turn reports to the Trust Board at its monthly meetings.

Staffing levels by month from March 2022

(This shows the planned and actual number of registered and non-registered staff on duty for all of the inpatient wards).

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